Non Imaginary Friend

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

Ever wonder why children have imaginary friends?  They say their friend told them this and that. They get wrapped up at times in conversations with them. The answer, may be far simpler than you might think.fall2-019.jpg.jpg It‘s the way God made us. God is stirring that part of us, teaching us how to one day interact with Himself. So it is the moment we trust Him as Lord. The basics of interacting with a friend we can’t see we’ve already learned, its called “Trust”. So we know how to interact with our new non imaginary friend. However, as with any relationship, it will only grow by our commitment and nurture, by submission to Him and His will. While I won’t be dogmatic about it, it just seems as logical a reason as any. Do you think we’ve arrived when we finally cultivate this relationship with Him? Ah but no, we are still waiting for that day when face to face, we shall behold Him as He is. Then shall I know Him in a way I have never known before. Then with rapture, I shall behold Him, with my eyes and not another’s. Have you thought about what you will say? That’s some of our training now, to get to know Him better. Is it so farfetched to think that our God is so good, to even train us as children, through our playing. Then upon receiving Him, to help us build a relationship with Himself as we grow in our knowledge of Him. This is getting to know Him. Finally, ultimately, consummating our relationship with Him when we meet, when we shall see Him as He is. Imaginary to non imaginary to tangible in every way.  We shall see Him as He is, face to face, you decide.



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